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Happy Earth Movement

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Our Story

The idea for this movement was born after one of our yoga dancing and then meditation at the park. Mother Gaia talked to us during the meditation and was crying for help. She said she is suffering and needs us to help her. 

The idea to clean our beautiful Earth from litter is just the beginning. We're calling for everyone who wants to volunteer and help our Great Mother!


Starting in June, 2024 we'll be gathering in parks and any other places that we can find (RTP area, NC) that need cleaning. 

Please join us and also suggest places (around RTP area) that you know are suffocating our planet with litter and plastic and we'll be coming there.

I'll be updating every week (see below) where and what time we're meeting to do our service for the planet.

June 21st, Friday
10 am

Brier Creek Park in Raleigh, NC

We're meeting @ 10am at the Brier Creek park and going towards the Brier Creek Parkway.

If you're joining us, please bring a bag, gloves and/or trash picker tool (recommended) for yourself.

We were cleaning the Brier Creek parkway last Friday on June 14th  and want to complete that part of the road.






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