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Transformational Channeling

with Dina Weberg

Love, Abundance, and Realization

Your door into a happy and bright life Here and Now!

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What is Channeling

Channeling allows us to connect to Higher Realms, receive their support, love, guidance, and launch the desired transformation in your life. 

  • If you are dealing with repetitive negative emotions/feelings;

  • If certain areas of your life miss balance and happiness; 

  • If you're ready to finally start creating your own reality -

A channeling session will help you to start the necessary transformation and reveal your potential, bring clarity and indicate where your strength lies and what you need to do to create a new happy life.

How does a transformational channeling session help?

Healing and closing destructive ancestral programs

Healing past life experiences

Desired future programming

Healing and Releasing Repetitive Destructive Emotions

Harmonization of feminine and masculine energies to create balance within and be able to build happy relationships

Activating money energy

Conducting a session for any other request you may have

Receiving advice from the Higher Guides

Receiving answers

Conducting the session

All sessions are being conducted online.

After the day/time for the session are being determined, I send a link for a Zoom meeting (please let me know if you prefer another platform). You'll get a recording of the session. I recommend listening to the recording several times over the course of a few weeks after the session. New programs and codes will keep integrating into your energy structure for a much faster desired transformation.   

Duration of a session: about 2 hours.

Your space during the session should be private and free of distractions.


Who is the session for?

The transformational channeling session is for anyone who wants to upgrade their life, discover their potential, and unlock abundance.


One session (up to 2 hours) - $88

Please contact me directly for scheduling.

My name is Dina Weberg

I am a Channel, Reiki Master, Akashic records reader, belly dance and yoga dance instructor, Kundalini yoga teacher, women's circles and retreats leader, feminine tantra and sacred ceremonies facilitator.

From early childhood I was able to channel, see the future (my own and others), my past lives, and feel the energy as something physical. Something that I can direct and create the space around me. Throughout my life I was using this ability to create desired events and manifest dreams.  

I'm so grateful for this magical time that we all live in. For this new high-vibrational world that is rising. For the Divine Feminine that is awakening from a long and heavy slumber. For our souls that remember what we came here for. And I'll be honored to assist you in opening a new blossoming chapter of your life.

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Dina conducted the session powerfully, purely and with incredible love. I received clear answers, energies, and high-vibrational codes that are unfolding for me right now. 

I received clear and specific instructions that I follow to develop my strength and vibrational growth. 

I thank Dina, her and my Higher Guides for the beauty, depth and purity of the transformation.

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