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Sacred Dance Circle 

Awaken your inner goddess & Access the infinite source of sexual energy, creativity, magnetism 

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About Us

Every woman has the ability to shape the world around her using her natural feminine power. But when we lose the connection between our mind and body, we no longer can influence the reality in a positive way and create a harmonious life for ourselves and people around us.  The magic that was given to us is simply slipping away through our fingers.

Being aware of your body, knowing what it needs, listening to it, honoring and loving it will bring you closer to your true self. It will allow you to see your beauty in a whole new way.

At Sacred Dance Circle we restore the mind-body connection through Belly dance and Resonance Dance that elevate and increase our feminine, sexual energy, and magnetism.

Classes We Offer

Come Dance With Us

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Belly Dance Class for adults


Our in-person belly dance classes is a great way to start your Sunday morning! It will fill you up with a positive energy for the whole week ahead! The atmosphere of the studio is fun, supportive and friendly! Come meet other beautiful belly dancers and enjoy the movement and music with us!

Time: Sundays, 8-9 am

Location: 3490 Kildaire Farm Rd., Suite 186, Cary NC

Women's Circle

We dance, do breathing practices and/or meditations. At the end of the gathering, you’ll relax to the sounds and vibrations of singing bowls.

Time: Sundays, 9:10-10:30 am

Location: 3490 Kildaire Farm Rd., Suite 186, Cary NC

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Upcoming Events 


Circle of Isis

Receive transformative and healing energies of Goddess Isis for body, mind, and spirit. Embrace the divine feminine power and wisdom and transform limitations and empower your soul.

Receive the Goddess's guidance and support!

May the energies of Goddess Isis envelop you in love, light, and transformation!


Date: June 2nd

Time: 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Location: Dancing Moon Store @ 1840 Wake Forest Rd, Raleigh, NC 27608 

Session: Quantum shift. Living in a new realm. How to help yourself in going through the transition and adjust to the high frequencies. 
Ask any questions you have regarding the topic.

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