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Hanging Dance Classes Program


What are the Hanging Dance Classes?

Hanging Dance Classes are classes paid for in advance as an anonymous donation.


In January 2024 I started teaching weekly belly dance classes for women who are blind or visually impaired. The classes take place in Raleigh Powell Drive Park, NC. Thanks to Carol Pierce from Raleigh Parks and Rec administration for providing us with a room for the classes.

I feel so grateful meeting these beautiful, sweet, kind, strong women and getting to know them better each class. Yes, they have a disability which can definitely make life a lot more challenging. However, they are working and have very similar struggles to a lot of us women, like being a single mom or working and going to school full time, struggling with just getting out there, feeling more confident, and accepting yourself more.

Dancing is a wonderful activity for women to gain confidence, improve physical, emotional, and mental health, release stress, anxiety, meet new people, make friends, and bring more happy and bright moments into life.

Some of the women would love to take classes on a regular basis but struggle financially and cannot afford them.

"Hanging dance classes" program can help them to take classes regularly to get such needed physical exercises and socialize more to find new friends.

Sacred Dance Circle covers 10% for each student/each class.
One class fee is $18.


Right now we have two students who would greatly appreciate some help with covering the class payments.

If you wish to make a contribution so someone can have a class, please contact me directly. Any amount is appreciated!

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Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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