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Women's Circles

Women's circles are a powerful tool for healing and growth. By coming together and supporting one another, women can tap into a deep well of collective strength and wisdom.

When women synergize, they can achieve far more together than they could alone, creating a transformative impact that resonates within themselves, their communities, and the world.

What to expect during the circle:

  • Opening Circle, Sharing, intention setting

  • Embodiment – tantric and other feminine bodily practices

  • Sound healing

  • Closing circle, sharing of your experience and reflecting on the change of the emotional and energetic levels.

What does Embodiment include:

During the Embodiment part of the circle, we’ll dive deep into our feminine energy, connect to it, and receive wisdom and clarity.

Tantric, ancient Slavic feminine practices, and ecstatic dance allow us to tap into the inner world of our divine feminine that opens an infinite space of possibilities and our own life force potential.

The intention that you set at the beginning of the circle will open up for you and you’ll see ways of its realization. During the practices, women receive answers to their questions.

What you may experience:

  • Emotional uplift, happiness, joy

  • Peaceful, calm, and blissful state

  • Trauma and energy blocks release

  • If you have some difficult situation in your life and don’t know how it can be resolved, you’ll get clarity and maybe even receive ideas for the steps and actions that need to be taken (the depth and amount of information you’re able to receive depends on your level of readiness to resolve the issue).


Benefits of the Embodiment:

- develops inner and outer radiance

- clears and balances chakras

- removes inner tension that prevents the orgasmic nature from emerging and allowing oneself to live abundantly and happily

- rejuvenates and restores your hormonal system

- opens your heart

- activates intuition

- reveals your creativity, uniqueness, and gifts

- heals and harmonizes the masculine and feminine energies and as a result we can build happy relationships

- awakens and raises the divine feminine energy within you that activates your true potential, abundance, and happiness

Benefits of Sound Healing:

- ​Allows to process and integrate the energies awakened and received during the embodiment practices

- Calms mind and heals nervous system

- Clears and balances chakras

- Clears all energy pathways in the physical and energy bodies

- Helps with anxiety, depression, stress



If it's your first time coming to my Women's Circle, it's FREE for you!

Please come and see if what we do resonates with you. Enjoy, Sister!

If you're coming, please go to the link below to send me a notification by email. I need this in case the Circle is cancelled (which happens very rarely) and I can let you know about the cancelation. 


How to find us:

We meet every Sunday 

Time: 9:00-10:00 am

Location: Millpond Dance Studio in Cary, NC.

3490 Kildaire Farm Rd., Cary, NC 27518

If you'd like to pay for more than 1 pass, please contact directly.

Our Gatherings
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301 281 3119



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