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Know the full potential and power of your Divine feminine

Circle of Isis

This Circle is created by the request of Goddess Isis who, during one of my channeling, told me to start gathering women and reminding their souls of who they are and what their feminine nature is.


Dear Sister, if you got interested hearing Isis's name and you ended up on this page, your soul knows Isis from the previous lives, it was touched by her energy, and you most likely were an Egyptian priestess in one (or several) of your incarnations.

Channeler Dina Weberg

About the Circle

For the first part of each gathering, Dina is channeling Isis's energy to lead a practice on one of the topics:

raising feminine energy, magnetism, sexuality, leadership, abundance, power and realization, life mission, etc.

If you have a request for the practice, please let Dina know and she will channel it.

Second part of the Circle - Connecting to Isis's energy and letting it to integrate with your own. After this practice you will feel your Goddess inside. If you can feel it, others can see it.

Third Part (for the remaining of the Circle time)  - Q&A. You can ask Mother Isis any questions and Dina will channel the answer.

Our next session: April 14th 2:00-4:00 pm

Session: Expanded energy field for abundance, love, and money flow.

Location: Dancing Moon in Raleigh 
1840 Wake Forest Rd., Raleigh, NC 27608


My name is Dina Weberg

I am a Channel, Reiki Master, Akashic records reader, belly dance and resonance dance instructor, Kundalini yoga teacher, women's circles and retreats leader, and sacred ceremonies facilitator.

I am a founder and owner of Sacred Dance Circle that grew into a beautiful sistership. We dance, meditate, and connect to our Divine Feminine so that we can heal ourselves and bring this light and high vibrations into the world!

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Karen S., NC

"After I left Circle of Isis, when I stopped for food on the way home, surprisingly the person made a comment that I must be spiritual because he could see the light in me. I couldn't believe I was hearing this from a stranger. I think that's the confirmation that today was a complete success! I'm going to keep shining that Divine Feminine energy wherever I go! My heart has been radiating with high vibrations of pure love and gratitude. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"
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